Welcome to JMB Design Center a design boutique founded in the visual arts.

At JMB, our designers have an extensive range of artistic abilities that enable us to infuse graphic design systems with fine arts techniques, including painting, color theory, photography, illustration, and more. The combination of fine arts expertise with our solid foundation in graphic design has enabled us to create award-winning one of a kind results. 

  • We are thoughtful in our composition and color theory.

  • We are sound in our strategic direction.

  • We are passionate about taking your project and turning into a design that comes to life.


Our Mission

JMB Design Center is committed to developing unique designs that achieve solutions to our client’s challenges/projects while staying true to the principles of visual arts.


About JMB

JMB Design Center was founded by award-winning designer Jennifer Bethel in 2010. JMB relies on a distinguished approach to graphic design as it utilizes a combination of visual arts techniques with solid graphic design methods; JMB uses the term “founded in the visual arts” to refer to this fusion of fine arts and graphic design.

Control Point Group

Control Point Group is a political consulting firm specializing in elections and ballot measures. This is one of the most recent sites we have designed and developed. For this site, we pushed the limits of responsive design. Visit the site are resize your browser window to see this in action.

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Taylor'd Reports

Taylor'd Reports is an advanced reporting website for individuals working in the DOD realm wishing to stay up to the minute on the day-to-day status of the multitude of programs. Some key highlights of this site include:

  • Advanced sorting and filtering features on the homepage
  • The reports themselves are designed so that the writer can compse the reports using regular syntax (eg. headings and paragraphs) and the application intelligently parses the text and populates the sidebar navigation automatically.

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Meshea Poore for Congress

This is a recent one-page landing site for an upcoming congressional bid by West Virginia Delegate Meshea Poore. To note on this site is our usage of responsive design, the ability of a site to dynamically resize based on the window size or device size. Nearly all of our sites utilize this technique, but this site in particular is a great example of the potential this provides to give the user a unified branding, design and usability experience no matter what device they are using. Resize your browser window to see this in action.

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American Airlines Cargo - Air Cargo Insights

This site was developed for American Airlines' Cargo division. They wanted a blog to provide insight to the industry and also to promote their objectives to decision makers in their industry. For this site we did not provide the design of the site, only the programming an user experience. This is a Wordpress site, and in particular one that really pushes the limits of what a Wordpress site can do. It provides front-end editing, the ability to select a block of text or other content nearly anywhere on the site and change is right there without any kind of backend. This is traditionally been a complaint of Wordpress site owners and one that I remedied with some custom programming.

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American Association of Political Consultants: Mid-Atlantic

This is a pro-bono site we designed and developed. Jennifer served on the board and we volunteered to redesign, develop and host the site. 

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Potato-Expo Website

Potato-Expo is nation's largest convention for the potato industry. We were tasked with creating a website to showcase all that the expo has to offer as well as to provide attendees with valuable information for event itself. Additionally, since this is a yearly event the site is designed to be able to be easily refreshed for the theme of each year's event. Potato-Expo 2013 was held at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. The Expo in 2014 will be held in San Antonio, TX. We easily refreshed the design for the new venue for 2014.

2014 Site

Potato-Expo 2014 Screenshot

2013 Site

National Potato Council Website

In addition to Potato-Expo.com we also designed, develop and host the National Potato Council's website, nationalpotatocouncil.org.


Stones' Phones

Stones' Phones is an advocacy group specializing in the use of telephones in political campaigns. This was one of the first sites we did together as a company and one that we are still very proud of. We recently refreshed the design of the site as reflected below.










JMB Design Center is a woman owned, small business located in Arlington, Virginia. We have a diversified portfolio of clients all over the world and can work with you no matter your location or time zone. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your design needs.